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Yes, Ministries Should Embrace AI

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) has been a significant technological advancement and will continue to revolutionize our lives, with some suggesting AI is to this generation what dial-up internet was to the prior generation.

But with artificial intelligence comes many questions.

Is it safe?

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Church Cybersecurity Starts With the Human Firewall

Every week I’m asked about cybersecurity.  Unfortunately, it is usually after an incident has occurred.  I’m asked about insurance, incident triage, costs to recover, and more.  My favorite calls are from those churches that want to get out ahead of cybersecurity and not just be prepared if an incident occurs but want to be prepared to avoid the incidents. 

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Microsoft Resolves O365 Charity Licensing Issue for Churches!

Many Christian churches and ministries have been uncomfortable with the Microsoft charity licensing section requiring them to certify they don’t discriminate in their employment practices regarding LGBT issues. On 10/8/2015 Microsoft resolved this and posted the changes to their website! That is great news for many! Here are the details.

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Password Management and LastPass

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about password managers, especially due to the LastPass hack that started in 2022 and was fully disclosed in 2023.  Before getting too far into this, let me be clear that I’m still pro password manager.  Password managers, while not spelled out in the original Greek,

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Staff Working Remotely

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Reprinted from The Church Network's inSIGHT Magazine

An increasing number of church and ministry staff members are working remotely. Whether at home, a coffee shop, or a community center, facilitating their needs is becoming an important part of leadership policy setting.

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