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Our services are designed to use technology for greater ministry effectiveness.  We want technology to be a powerful tool to grow your ability to impact the Kingdom.  We have structured our services and support to be a valuable resource, not a necessary evil.  We truly want to partner with you in ministry.

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Services Payment Information

MBS invoices clients in three possible timeframes:

  1. Retainer Subscriptions
    • Retainer Subscriptions are quarter-to-quarter.
    • Retainer subscriptions are generated on the first of the month prior to the beginning of the quarter (click here for an explanation of the tiers and their respective benefits).
    • Retainer Subscriptions can be purchased/invoiced on a quarterly (default), semi-annual, or annual basis.
    • If the tier’s hours are consumed and excess time is utilized, the time is invoiced at the end of each week with a 10% discount applied.
  2. Hosted Services
    • Hosted services are month-to-month.
    • Hosted services are invoiced in advance, and are generated on the first of the prior month. For example, June hosted services would be invoiced in May.
    • Hosted services can be purchased/invoiced on a monthly (default), quarterly, or annual basis.
  3. Project Costs
    • Reimbursements are invoiced at cost.
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