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MBS Services

We spent the first eighteen months of MBS’ existence researching how God wanted us serve Christian churches and ministries. We were fortunate to spend many hours talking with local, regional, national, and international ministry leaders who helped guide us, focus our vision, and determine what services we should offer to help ministries accomplish their mission.

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MBS Invoicing Information

MBS invoices clients in three possible timeframes:

  1. Retainer Subscriptions
    • Retainer Subscriptions are quarter-to-quarter.
    • Retainer subscriptions are generated on the first of the month prior to the beginning of the quarter (click here for an explanation of the tiers and their respective benefits).
    • Retainer Subscriptions can be purchased/invoiced on a quarterly (default), semi-annual, or annual basis.
    • If the tier’s hours are consumed and excess time is utilized, the time is invoiced at the end of each week with a 10% discount applied.
  2. Hosted Services
    • Hosted services are month-to-month.
    • Hosted services are invoiced in advance, and are generated on the first of the prior month. For example, June hosted services would be invoiced in May.
    • Hosted services can be purchased/invoiced on a monthly (default), quarterly, or annual basis.
  3. Project Costs
    • Items that aren’t support-related (engineering new local area network servers, expense reimbursements, etc.) are invoiced each Monday for the prior week.
    • Reimbursements are invoiced at cost.
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