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Cyber Risk Assessments & IT Audits

Cyber Risk Assessment

Churches and ministries are wise to have their cybersecurity strategy, configuration, policies, and practices reviewed periodically. As true church and ministry experts, we know what to look for (knowledge) and what benchmarks should be applied (wisdom) in church and ministry settings.

The Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is time spent evaluating the ministry from a cyber security perspective and gathering a bit more detail into your existing security practices. It is not penetration testing or trying to hack or reverse engineer your systems. We focus on best practices including login security, access policies (physical and data) and personnel policies (who has access to what and why). We look at critical systems, as well as operation processes in line with ministry priorities to determine your level of preparedness for an attack.

We ask a lot of questions to gather a ton of data and provide an assessment. We have been asked by insurance companies to assist in doing assessments to help judge insurability of some ministries.

Cyber Risk Assessments / IT Audits

IT Audit

Churches and ministries often engage us to review their systems to identify strengths, weaknesses, and help ensure all that can be done is being done to help meet the needs of the ministry team. We are a good fit because we have deep ministry expertise across a broad range of Christian churches and ministries and because we don’t sell any hardware or software. We are expert, objective, and trusted.

An IT Audit is a snapshot in time in which we share our observations and recommendations.  We send team members to your site to review your infrastructure, routers, switches, wireless devices, servers, and workstations. (Depending on the situation we may be able to accomplish the audit remotely.) Because we work exclusively with Christian churches and ministries— and have been doing so for some time— we have a good general sense of what your needs may be, so we are very efficient. We look at the technical aspects of your current technology/ infrastructure and ask you to share with us the IT directions and goals you are considering. We then produce a report that includes our observations and recommendations, along with a recommended budget for accomplishing the recommendations. That budget page helps you to consider in reality (vs theory) what we recommend.

We see our role as painting the center of the IT target for your ministry based on your ministry’s needs. We are sensitive to ministry budgets, and we understand that your role will be to identify which of our recommendations you would like to implement. Our role then shifts to that of supporting your decisions if you invite us to help you accomplish any of the recommendations.

These two services overlap some, and can be combined into one when desired.

Call or email us if you’re interested in a Cyber Risk Assessment or an IT Audit today!

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