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Cloud Hosting

MBS is known for researching, testing, and setting Information Technology (IT) best practice strategies for Christian churches and ministries. We offer private cloud services tailored to Christian churches and ministries.

MBS has a rack in what is arguably the most advanced datacenter on the planet.  Known as The Switch SuperNAP, here are some quick details:

  • It is located in southern Nevada (a region that is considered to be the least susceptible to natural disasters in the U.S.), about twelve miles south of Las Vegas.
  • It has four separate power sources, 28 Internet providers whose large trunks run through it (thus SuperNAP, or Super Network Access Point), and six ways to manage the internal environment.
  • It hosts sixteen federal agencies.
  • Because of who it hosts, if it gets to running on the last power source (power generation), it has the authority to commandeer fuel depots if necessary to stay up.
  • Click here for a YouTube tour of the Switch SuperNAP!

MBS is excited to be in The Switch SuperNAP, and we are amazed at the fingerprints of God in pointing us there and working out the details. We have fully redundant systems and a lot of capacity with plenty of room for growth. If you are a Christian church or ministry, we’d be honored to host your servers.

MBS hosts:

Databases and Servers:  You get a dedicated SQL server with daily , monthly and annual backups in addition to secure remote access. We can host your ChMS as well as any other server or program. Click here to learn more!

Email:  Connect any Exchange enabled client (like Outlook) to your hosted Exchange server; includes OWA (Outlook Web App) & ActiveSync to iOS and Android mobile devices. Includes email, calendaring, task management, and contacts, etc. and comes with inbound & outbound SPAM filtering. Click here to learn more!

File Storage and Sync: Our file storage and synchronization strategy is similar to a network file server but accessible from anywhere you can get online. We use a technology very similar to Dropbox/OneDrive/iCloud, but in addition to being easy to use, our solution is private and secure. Click here to learn more!

Hosted Backups: Many want to get rid of local backup tapes and drives—and MBS can help! For minimal cost, we can host your backups in our secure private cloud using the Veeam Cloud Data Management Platform. Our cost is low ($60/tb/month), and our support is legendary!

We can also host long-term storage for sensitive legal documents.

Patch Management: Get your Microsoft Patches from MBS' server after they're been tested. This process helps to ensure your team is able to work with fewer technology distractions. Click here to learn more!

VoIP:  Your phones (handsets and/or softphones) connect and communicate through your hosted VoIP PBX server or Microsoft Teams; includes voicemail and unlimited worldwide usage. Click here to learn more!

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Because we only serve churches and ministries, we are able to do this with excellence, and with modest pricing.  All of our support is based in the United States!

Call or email us today about cloud services!

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What Others Are Saying About MBS

“Just wanted to drop a note and say that the new system is awesome. Every day I come in and am blown away by everything we can do now. Very much appreciate all the work you guys put in last week!  Thanks for enabling us to work more efficiently!” –Brooks Cannon, Financial Administrator, Church of the Harvest in Lexington, SC

“We could not be happier with the services provided by you all.” –Walter Corbitt, Network Administrator, First United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL

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