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Exclusively Serving Churches and Ministries

We only serve Christian churches and ministries nationwide, providing proven solutions and answers that are ministry specific! This has been our privilege since 1986!

The resources on this website are free, provided to help you accomplish your ministry goals while freeing you from distractions. 

Our goal is to serve in a way that maximizes ministry effectiveness. Technology should be a valued tool to empower ministry, not a necessary evil. We provide strategies and solutions that allow you the greatest potential for Kingdom impact. Since we exclusively serve churches and ministries our services are priced so your funding goes towards accomplishing the mission of your ministry.

Serving Christian churches and ministries since 1986!

Serving Christian Churches & Ministries-- Locally & in The Cloud!

Our hosting services are designed to help Christian churches and ministries afford solid, reliable, secure solutions without the traditional server capital outlay and maintenance. We host servers– with charity discounts – in our private cloud datacenter; click here to learn more!

We can also help you manage servers on your premise and provide many services to help support your network and existing servers and infrastructure. We do not believe in a rip-and-replace approach.

cloud image

MBS is in a sustainable datacenter

Customer Satisfaction Pledge

Many vendors that serve churches and ministries require their clients to sign a contract. We at MBS have never done that! We believe we should do our best to earn your business every day, and if we don’t earn it you have the option of simply terminating us. We’ve been serving churches and ministries since 1986, and we understand your ministry culture.

We pledge ourselves to the following

  • Information we give you will always be accurate and up-to-date.
  • If we’re not certain about the answer to a question you ask, we’ll say so and offer to research the best answer.
  • We will always do our best to respond in a timely fashion and meet expectations. Only serving church and ministries, we are available when ministries need us.
  • We constantly analyze our costs and look for ways to reduce them. Our goal is to make our services as inexpensive as possible while maintaining the quality you want/need. We are a mission.

Specific Network Engineering/Design/Implementation/Support Pledge

  • Our team’s approach is different than many engineering firms in that we work with you consultatively, helping you see the center of the target and make decisions that get your ministry as appropriately close to it as possible. We don’t sell or distribute any hardware or software, and thus don’t profit by your decision to purchase anything we recommend. Our recommendations are completely objective.
  • Our goal is for your network to be up 99.999% — or higher! That’s the standard AT&T set for the phone system years ago and is referred to as “five nines”; it means no more than a few minutes of unscheduled downtime each year. The closer we can help you get to that and to stay there – the center of the target (the right hardware and software, coupled with our engineering), the more of that kind of legendary up-time should be a reality for your team, and we’ve been delivering that for years!

We are fully available to work through your transition to our solutions, and we are also available to help transition to another solution provider if you choose to move. Your data is your data, and we’ll do our best to make certain it goes where you want it to. We will do so with Christian character and grace.

What Others Are Saying About MBS

A software executive recently said, “MBS is Gartner for Nonprofits!” What a great compliment! Then he added, “However, you also have a line of consultancy that does actual work.” Wow. That is a great description of who we are at MBS and what we strive to do well for The Church.

  • "Thank you for your kind note. It once again demonstrates your heart for ministry. I told our pastor that you and your team were the real deal. You have once again proven my words to him to be true. I am so happy that our mutual wagons are hitched together." –Pat Clements, Peoples Church in Salem Oregon
  • “You are the best! Over the years I have worked with quite a few ‘IT Guys’ and none of them have performed with the quality that you do. I find that your ministry is open, kind, transparent, and dedicated to providing the best possible solution for our needs. We feel blessed that you are on our ministry team.” –Roy Burford, Business Administrator, Pittsburgh Presbytery in Pittsburgh, PA
  • “As a repeat customer with MBS’ consulting services over a period of years, I am continually impressed with their unique blend of ministry focus coupled with business professionalism. Nick Nicholaou and his team are a pleasure to work with, bringing levels of credibility, integrity and competence that are unmatched in the industry. I highly recommend MBS!” –Clarence White, Chief Information Officer and IT Secretary, The Salvation Army, USA West in Long Beach, CA
  • “I love this article. I just love the way you put information out there. You are such a trusted source.” –Patti Malott, Executive Director, Houston CO+OP in Houston, TX
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