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File Storage & Sync

Our file storage and synchronization strategy is similar to a network file server, but better! We use a Dropbox/OneDrive-like solution (ownCloud, which is a very powerful and secure solution) to sync files from a server to your notebooks and desktops, and to your iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Thus the data is always available– on any device anywhere (faster access and improved efficiency on computers because the data is local), always centralized, and backed up!

File Storage and Sync

We have three deployment strategies based on the size and needs of your organization:

  • Completely Hosted. We can eliminate the need for any servers at your location by hosting all of your data in our private cloud datacenter. All devices would sync over the Internet whenever they are connected to it. This is especially good for smaller organizations.
  • Hybrid. We have a hybrid model in which all notebooks, tablets, and smartphones sync to data in our private cloud datacenter, but we also install a small server at your location for desktops to sync to. This works well for large-sized organizations that want full access for mobile users, but also want to minimize bandwidth utilization by having desktops sync locally instead of over the Internet.
  • Locally Hosted. We can also configure the server so it is hosted at your location; all devices would synchronize to it. This works well for larger organizations and for those who have a robust infrastructure.

Here’s a picture showing these three options:

Owncloud Models

To learn more about how we can help you and your ministry, email us!

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What Others Are Saying About Hosted File Storage & Sync

“I appreciate that your team is forwarding-thinking and proactive on matters that affect our productivity. It’s a pleasure to be an MBS client, and OwnCloud is an incredible platform. It has revolutionized our ability to get work done remotely and without the hum of local servers. Thanks for pioneering the IT world!” –Byron Garmo, COO, Mission to Children in Escondido, CA


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