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How To Avoid a Bad Church Network

Many disagree about the best way to design church computer networks.  Someone once said that if you ask three network engineers how to build a network you’ll get four answers!  But is there a way to tell if a design strategy makes sense?  I think so.

The Ups & Downs of Network Cable

Churches are about program, not administration.  During church site development projects we focus on program-related needs— auditorium, classrooms, etc— that’s only natural.  We look ahead with vision to meet our growing needs in these areas.  What often gets left behind is a balanced look at our growing administrative needs.  One of those is setting our campuses up for data communications— our network. Networks run best when their infrastructure is solid.  Let’s look at a few network cable issues worth keeping in mind as we plan our new site.

Quit Sending Me Viruses!

Are you tired of getting those emails too?  Most people don’t realize that modern viruses are able to spoof the From email address.  That means you may not have been the source of the virus you’ve just been told you sent.

Training– A Simple Strategy That Really Works!

Many ministries ask our firm to evaluate their use of computer technology and make recommendations.  Part of our process includes interviewing team members and asking a wide range of questions.  One of the needs they consistently express is the need to learn more about how to use the tools they already have.  They want to be efficient and effective, and they’re sure that training would help. We call training the most neglected component of ministry computer systems.  There is a simple strategy we saw in place at one client that costs little, is easy to accomplish, and produces great results.  And doing it will help your ministry accomplish more, in less time, and for less!

9 Ways for IT to Bless Your Ministry

We’re learning to change our game face as IT professionals, finding new ways to serve our teams and reduce our intimidation factor. With that in mind, here are some ideas that can help.

The Latest in Evangelistic Trends: International Arms Trafficking!

Some time ago an article caught my eye about folks going to jail because they took computers outside of the U.S.  The problem was that, because of computer processor capabilities and the built-in cryptographic capabilities of common off-the-shelf software, it violated Export Administration Regulations.  The article went on to describe the maximum fines and penalties associated with the export of these items: $1,000,000 plus 10 years in jail for each criminal violation, or $500,000 plus a 3-year export ban for each civil violation. A few days later a colleague who works for an international ministry told me he had just sent software updates to their overseas field offices.  Click— the light went on.  I told him about the article I had just read which applied to the software technology he just sent overseas.  We were both shocked as we discussed the impact these regulations could have on similar international ministries.
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