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Off-Site Database Backup

One of the lessons we learned from recent disasters is how important it is to have a copy of your church database and accounting system backed up to an off-site location.

Calendaring in the Church

Churches have three types of calendaring needs:  resource calendaring (rooms and equipment), publication calendaring (printed flyers), and personal / team calendaring.  Surprisingly, each of these needs is so different that they require separate programs!

Computer Security

It’s not a matter of if a computer will crash, but when.  Thus it’s important to protect computer systems from problems that will arise.

Pastoral Use of Email, Instant Messages, & Text Messages

A pastor's time is one of his or her most valuable resources.  Because it is finite (even pastors only get twenty-four hours in their day), it is important to choose a communication strategy that helps balance the demands of email, instant messages, and text messages with the demands of personal time with God, family, staff, and message preparation.

Wise Shopping

In a unique way, we in ministry are stewards of the resources of God’s kingdom.  This demands our best efforts at making every dollar count.  One way church leaders can spend ministry dollars with confidence— especially in the area of computers and technology— is by adopting a carefully formulated purchasing strategy.

Office Furnishings & Layout

Some church offices are more often a collective progression of necessary solutions than a well-executed plan.  Additional work areas are often carved out of classrooms, basements, and closets as ministries grow, but an efficient office suite is rarely the result.  Churches that analyze and strategize their office needs can come up with some surprising solutions.
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