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Managing IT in a Tight Economy

The economy has taken a serious downturn.  There's no more disputing that fact, and it's affecting church and ministry budgets.  Are there some things you can do to keep your computer system stability and reliability growing when finances are tight?  I think so. It's true of churches and ministries like it is everywhere else: when budgets are growing, waste is more prevalent.  That's not a judgment on our stewardship; it's just that we're focusing on tasks that sometimes keep us from being able to look for the best economic strategy.  The good news is that in this tight economy there are some ways we can cut expenses without cutting quality, reliability, or impact.

Mobile Phones & Devices

There are many new phones available, and some are not just cool; they're also powerful tools.  They might even be fun to use!  I was asked recently which phone I use and why, and thought answering those questions might add to the discussion of what phone is a 'best fit'.

WiFi Stability & Other Tips

This week I made a quick trip to South Bend, Indiana to attend Granger Community Church's IT Forum.  That event and others like it are great places for good fellowship and for sharing ideas and solutions common to most in church and ministry IT.  Following are a few things I picked up that may be helpful!

Reasonable Network Security

Church and ministry networks have unique security needs.  Many mistakenly approach network security in our niche like they would a club or hobby, and thus don't go far enough to protect our data and our team.  Others mistakenly go so far they impede the team and increase their support call volume unnecessarily.  We have worked or consulted on hundreds of networks in churches and ministries, and we have developed an approach that protects and empowers while minimizing support needs. I'll share it with you so you can enjoy the same results.

Mac Tips & Tricks

Macs and PCs do mostly the same things, but they do them differently.  Each platform has its quirks, and since I now use a Mac I'm learning some good tips and tricks that make me more productive on it.  A couple of these have been in my previous Mac articles, but most haven't.  They may help other Mac users-- especially those who are former PC users or who primarily support PCs-- understand how to make the Mac work a little better.

MBS Customer Satisfaction Pledge

Many who serve churches and ministries require that their clients sign a contract.  We at MBS have never done that!  We believe we should do our best to earn your business every day, and if we don’t earn it you have the option of simply terminating us.  We’ve been serving churches and ministries since 1986, and we understand your corporate culture.
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