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Mac OSX 10.8 & Windows 8

Operating system updates are a way of life, but are they good or necessary; desirable or to-be-avoided? The manufacturers would say they are good, necessary, and desirable, but that’s not always true. Let’s take a look at the two most recent releases and see where they land.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD is a wave that is just beginning. There are management, legal, and even tax implications!

Telecommuting Can Work!

Some members of our team have been telecommuting since the 1990s. I'm often asked how I know whether it's working for us. The unspoken question is, "How do you know you're getting a full day of work in exchange for a full day of pay?" That is an excellent question!

What Do You Use?

Folks often ask me what I use for a computer, cell phone, tablet, headset, etc. Here are my answers-- and why-- so my perspective might help you make whatever hardware decisions you need to make.

The Business Case for Software Charity Licensing

There are more than 985,000 charities in the U.S., with more than 13 million employees. Charities make up a large percentage of the U.S. economy. Some software companies, knowing only that, have a difficult time justifying charity licensing discounts. But there's more to the story, and knowing it proves that offering charity licensing discounts is smart business.

Wise Cloud Strategies

Church and ministry leaders are being tasked with making Cloud decisions, but need to know whether their decisions are good or bad, wise or unwise. This brief article will give you a framework for working through Cloud decisions.
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