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The Community of Church IT People

Most people who work at churches and ministries are in behind-the-scenes positions. There is a group of these modern day heroes of The Faith who focus on IT that began gathering as peers in 2006 to and encourage each other. They have formed the Church IT Network, and their impact is huge!

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Wise Cloud Strategies

Church and ministry leaders are being tasked with making Cloud decisions, but need to know whether their decisions are good or bad, wise or unwise. This brief article will give you a framework for working through Cloud decisions.

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Strategic IT Outsourcing

Recessions are uncomfortably challenging in many ways. However, they also help us improve our organizational health and mission focus. We find ourselves having to analyze and justify our expense choices, and when doing so the term outsource becomes a major part of our analysis. While we see it as a cost-cutting opportunity, it is really much more than that. It improves organizational health tremendously.

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Managing IT in a Tight Economy

The economy has taken a serious downturn.  There’s no more disputing that fact, and it’s affecting church and ministry budgets.  Are there some things you can do to keep your computer system stability and reliability growing when finances are tight?  I think so. It’s true of churches and ministries like it is everywhere else: when budgets are growing, waste is more prevalent.  That’s not a judgment on our stewardship; it’s just that we’re focusing on tasks that sometimes keep us from being able to look for the best economic strategy.  The good news is that in this tight economy there are some ways we can cut expenses without cutting quality, reliability, or impact.

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