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IT Security Essentials

Most in church and ministry leadership aren’t familiar with IT security risks and solutions. Here are some that are important, easy to fix, and affordable.

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Serpents & Doves

© 2015 by Nick B. Nicholaou, all rights reserved
President, Ministry Business Services, Inc.
Reprinted from MinistryTech Magazine

Jesus made an interesting statement in Matthew 10:16b, “…be as shrewd as serpents, and innocent as doves” (NASB). I believe these words of His are good guidelines for Christians to apply in every aspect of doing business.

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Handling Online Activities with Care

Every year more organizations and people fall victim to cybercrime. Last year more than 300,000 reported cybercrimes to the FBI with losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Whether it’s simple theft, fraud, or identity theft, this is a significant area of opportunity for criminals. Let’s shed some light on how to protect your church office and those you know from cybercrime.

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Wise Shopping

In a unique way, we in ministry are stewards of the resources of God’s kingdom.  This demands our best efforts at making every dollar count.  One way church leaders can spend ministry dollars with confidence— especially in the area of computers and technology— is by adopting a carefully formulated purchasing strategy.

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