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Those Mobile Devices We Love & Hate

The mobile devices we use– smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers– are an integral part of our everyday life. They make us more efficient and productive, for which we’re grateful, and some of their apps are even fun and entertaining! Unmanaged, however, they can take over our lives and make us want to escape them. So, then, how do we manage them so they retain their status as a blessing?

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Office 2010 & 2011

Microsoft released two versions of their Office Suite last year, and folks want to know if it’s worth upgrading to them. The bottom line is, yes! On either platform! Here are a few reasons why.

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Managing Your Email Mailbox

While talking with a colleague I realized that many people don’t have a good email storage strategy; one that improves their productivity and avoids being an overwhelming distraction.  While mine is not necessarily the best, it is a strategy that keeps my mailbox fairly lean.  And it helps me be more productive and focused… maybe it’ll help you too!

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