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One Ringy Dingy! An Article about Phone Systems

One of my favorite characters from the 1960s Laugh In television show was the telephone operator Ernestine created by Lilly Tomlin.  Playing the role of an AT&T operator sitting in front of an old-fashioned PBX, she would make, receive, and connect calls by using patch chords and dialing her rotary phone.  Telephone communication has changed dramatically since then, and the PBX is no exception! Phone systems used by churches and ministries come in all sizes and prices!  There are many worthwhile options; in this article we’ll look at phone system features and options to help prepare you for identifying the system that’s right for you and your church.

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The economy has taken a serious downturn.  There’s no more disputing that fact, and it’s affecting church and ministry budgets.  Are there some things you can do to keep your computer system stability and reliability growing when finances are tight?  I think so. It’s true of churches and ministries like it is everywhere else: when budgets are growing, waste is more prevalent.  That’s not a judgment on our stewardship; it’s just that we’re focusing on tasks that sometimes keep us from being able to look for the best economic strategy.  The good news is that in this tight economy there are some ways we can cut expenses without cutting quality, reliability, or impact.

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