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MBS Customer Satisfaction Pledge

July 7, 2008

Our Pledge to Our Clients

Many who serve churches and ministries require that their clients sign a contract. We at MBS have never done that!
We believe we should do our best to earn your business every day, and if we don’t earn it you have the option of
simply terminating us. We’ve been serving churches and ministries since 1986, and we understand your corporate
culture. We pledge ourselves to the following:

  • Information we give you will always be accurate and up-to-date.
  • If we’re not certain about the answer to a question you ask, we’ll say so and offer to research the best answer.
  • Keeping in mind our normal work hours, we will always do our best to respond in a timely fashion and meet
    expectations. And when a client anticipates they’ll need us for an after-hours project, we’ll do our best to be
  • We constantly analyze our costs and look for ways to reduce them. Our goal is to make our services as
    inexpensive as possible while maintaining the quality you want/need. We are a mission.

Specific Policy & Procedure Handbook Template CDs Pledge

  • MBS PPHs are written by experts in their respective fields who are also church and ministry experts.
  • MBS PPHs will streamline the implementation of appropriate policies and procedures better and more
    accurately than any other product or service.
  • If, for any reason (we don’t even need to know why!) a client is dissatisfied with one of our PPHs, we
    will allow it’s return within thirty days for a full refund.
  • We update our templates regularly, and we contact registered users via email to let them know when
    updates are available.

Specific Network Engineering/Design/Implementation/Support Pledge

  • Our team’s approach is different than many engineering firms in that we work with you consultatively,
    helping you see the center of the target and make decisions that get your ministry as appropriately close
    to it as possible. We don’t sell or distribute any hardware or software, and thus don’t profit by your
    decision to purchase anything we recommend. Our recommendations are completely objective.
  • Our goal is for your network to be up 99.999% — or higher! That’s the standard AT&T set for the
    phone system years ago and is referred to as “five nines”; it means no more than five minutes of
    unscheduled downtime each year. The closer we can help you get— and stay— to the center of the
    target (the right hardware and software, coupled with our engineering), the more that kind of legendry
    up-time should be a reality for your team, and we’ve been delivering that for years!
  • We are fully available to work through your transition to our solutions, and we are also available to help
    transition to another provider if that choice is ever made. We always do so with good Christian character
    and grace, and we never gloat when former clients return— which they often do!

Call or email us and let us know how we can serve you and your team… we’d count it a privilege.

MBS, Inc.

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