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Missional IT

Small-staffed churches are often called missional, because they intently focus on reaching the unchurched in their communities.

MBS seeks to meet the IT needs of those church staffs by providing private and secure cloud hosting of email and data file storage. We call it Missional IT.

Missional IT

Here are the details:

  • MBS has an Exchange Server each Missional IT subscriber would get an account in. Those accounts would provide secure email with SPAM filtering, calendaring, task management, notes, and contact list management the subscribers could access via the web interface, Outlook, or almost any other app. The email address of the subscriber would have a number of domains they could choose from (like, or, or, or, and each account would be fully secure.
  • MBS has a file server set up on which each subscriber could store up to 100gb of data (we limit this service to 100gb because it is not intended for storing personal pictures and video, but rather for storing sermons and other data files that need to be fully backed up and available in case of disaster). The files would be easily available via Windows Explorer (on a Windows computer) or Filer (on a Mac computer), as well as available via mobile devices.
  • The cost is $10/month per user, or if paid annually $110/year per user to get one month free each year. We limit this service to three (3) users per church for two reasons:
    1. Once a church gets four or more on staff, its needs are such that the church should establish a domain and servers unique for only their use, and
    2. MBS is partially underwriting this service as a ministry to very small churches.
  • Support:
    • Unlimited incidents for anything that is MBS’s responsibility via MBS’ support portal (support tickets are created by emailing
    • Up to 6 issues per year that are not MBS’s responsibility via MBS’ support portal, each additional beyond that would be $10 per incident.
    • Unrelated support (for help with something like a crashed computer, etc) would be a minimum of $10.

This service does not facilitate having a domain name that is unique to your church or allows users to have access to each others’ accounts from within their accounts. We have another service for that; click here.

Want to know more about MBS’ Missional IT service? Email us with questions or use the form below to start your service! We will invoice your church for your service.

  • Your Contact Information

  • Your Church or Ministry's Information

  • Your Email Domain Options

    Your email address (and account UserID) will formatted as one of these four domains, depending on your selection. Please choose the email domain you'd like (only choose one).
  • Invoicing Preference

    MBS will invoice your church monthly or annually, whichever you'd prefer. The advantage to the annual option is that you get your 12th month free each year! By clicking the Submit button below, you certify that the above information is accurate that that you have the authority to begin this service.
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