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Todd Lear

Todd Lear

Todd joined the MBS team on a part-time at Thanksgiving, 2019. And we are thankful to have him!

Todd has extensive church and technology experience. When applying for his MBS position, he said, "I love that MBS takes a Christ-focused view on helping churches and ministries. I have a passion for serving the big C church and am interested to learn what this position entails. I'm not looking to leave [my current employer] but love the idea of being able to work with you and extend my reach to more churches."

His heart to serve The Church was readily apparent as we got to know him through the interview process, and we're excited to get to know him better as we integrate him into the team.

Want to know more about Todd?

  • Four words that describe me would be… detailed, hard-working, solver, trustworthy
  • I do my best thinking when I’ve… been able to step back from the problem
  • I always smile when… I see my three boys laughing
  • My dream vacation would be… a few weeks in a cabin in Yellowstone
  • One of my favorite books is… Ghost in the Wires (Story of Kevin Mitnick)
  • You ought to see my collection of… random cables that I'll will never need until I throw them away
  • When I am cruising in my car I am… listening to a podcast
  • If you ask me, there could never be enough…charging cables because people keep borrowing mine
  • In my spare time you will find me… spending family time and working around the house
  • One of my all-time favorite movies is… October Sky
  • The best thing about my job is… fulfilling my calling
  • What I like about my work at MBS is… I get to serve ministries across the U.S.
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