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Grace S. Nicholaou

Grace Nicholaou

Grace founded MBS with Nick when they had only been married less than a year! When he was sensing God's call (3 days in a row) and told her about that, her response was "I've been getting the same thing!"

Grace is a CPA who serves many Christian churches and ministries (limited to California because that's where she's licensed), and has a number of clients in common with MBS.

Grace weaves part time service as MBS' Chief Financial Officer with her CPA practice.

Want to know more about Grace?

  • Four words that describe me would be…  attentive, caring, steadfast, loyal
  • I do my best thinking when I am…  quiet before God
  • I always smile when… I see family and friends
  • My dream vacation would be… Greek Isle cruise
  • When I am cruising in my car I am… listening to music
  • If you ask me, there could never be enough… Chocolate
  • In my spare time you will find me… walking with friends
  • One of my all-time favorite movies is… Sound of Music
  • The best thing about my job is…  helping those in ministry stay compliant with tax laws and accounting issues
  • What I like about my work at MBS is… working with organizations that are sharing the gospel
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