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Database Backups

Cloud-based database backup is a service include at no charge for our Gold and higher tier Retainer Clients. But some who are not Gold or higher tier Retainer Clients ask us for that service. So we figured out a way to say yes to them!

We can store the most recent three backups of your database, and if you'd like, we can also test their veracity on a monthly basis.

The cost for this service is simple: $30 per month per database. So...

  • I you'd like us to host online backups for your ChMS database, for example, we would do so for $30/month (or $90/quarter).
  • If your financial accounting database is separate, we could do the same for that database for an additional $30/month (or $90/quarter). And so on

Email us and let us know if you'd like to start this service!

Longterm Storage
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