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Don’t Become a Cybercrime Victim


The Facts about FAX

Fax (short for facsimile) is a tool that sends scans over telephone wires. How is that different than emailing a scanned file? Why do some still insist on sending and receiving faxes rather than scanned attachments via email?

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Nick’s Printer Picks & Tips

As a team of consultants who work on church and ministry networks nationwide, we have worked with a lot of printers. HP is always the easiest to work with and the most dependable for ongoing quality.

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IT Security Essentials

Most in church and ministry leadership aren’t familiar with IT security risks and solutions. Here are some that are important, easy to fix, and affordable.

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Nick’s Hardware Picks

There are two issues we always consider: 1) hardware that improves system reliability vs that which hurts it, and 2) budget sensitivity. In this article I’ll share with you the hardware we currently spec for our clients– specs that affordably help ministries build the Kingdom.

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Microsoft O365 – What You Need to Know

Last year I reported a charity license issue breakthrough that now has many considering migrating to Microsoft Office 365 (O365). There are some limitations you need to know about, and there are ways to save considerable dollars. Here’s what you need to know.

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