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Handling IT Emergencies

Written by Nick B. Nicholaou on June 05, 2003

Some networks live in a constant state of panic.  They go from one emergency to another, sometimes with little time to catch one’s breath.  Other networks seem to run without error, needing only to be restarted because of scheduled maintenance.  Regardless of where you are in the network stability continuum, emergencies can hit and you need to have a plan...  just in case.

Tags: Disaster Recovery, Managing IT

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Transportation Alternatives

Written by Nick B. Nicholaou on January 31, 2000

Many churches have vehicle fleets.  They facilitate ministry, neighborhood outreach, and are often overseen by a volunteer; so they're reasonably inexpensive.  But the hidden costs due to recent law changes and potential litigation suggest we might be wise stewards to rethink this facet of our ministry.

Tags: Church Administration

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MBS' Genesis

Written by Nick B. Nicholaou on January 01, 1996

The beginning of Ministry Business Services (MBS) was prayer.  At every step, God has been the One calling the shots.  Let me tell you how it all began.

Tags: Church Administration

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Integrity Under Fire

Written by Nick B. Nicholaou on November 01, 1995

There are times when, as a Christian with an entrepreneurial heart, I must depend on my instincts to guide our ministry.  There are other times, however, when I must rely upon the guidance of wise counselors as I seek to honor the LORD.  This is a story about when wise counsel helped me choose a path which not only honored God, but which God Himself chose to honor.

Tags: Church Administration

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