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Protecting IT from Disasters

“Only the flexible survive.” It’s a phrase we’ve heard– and possibly said– many times. Life is unpredictable, and challenges do come our way, so how should uncertainty affect the way we approach information technology (IT) in our churches and ministries? We are dependent on our computers today in ways we might never have imagined. We rely on them to store contact information, process financial transactions, communicate– many of the nuts and bolts that enable and hold ministry together. Therefore we should do all that is reasonable and cost-effective to protect our organizations from being shut down by a disastrous event. Planning now gives the flexibility needed for ministry survival. And in the ever-changing legal and financial regulatory landscapes, IT disaster recovery plans are even more necessary.

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The company that created the software that makes it possible to have virtual computers running on servers, VMware, sponsors an annual conference called VMworld that draws thousands of geeks from across the globe. This year it was in San Francisco, and more than 17,000 attended! What were the takeaways that are– or will– impact churches and ministries? Here are a few of my thoughts.

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